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One cryptocurrency per column

Enable or disable sources for each column to filter news from Twitter, Reddit or RSS feeds.

  • Add custom columns (based on a cryptocurrency or keywords)
  • Enable or disable sources for each column
  • Add your own sources to custom your feeds


“I was waiting for this tool to start investing in cryptocurrencies. Loukoum is straightforward for a beginner like me thanks to the hundreds of sources available.”
Gwenaƫl P.
“Each minute that was lost in gathering news is now dedicated to technical analysis. I look forward to see what impacts it can have on my results in few months.”
Paul S.
“Adding my personnal sources and being able to blacklist some words are definitely the two features that were missing in the other similar tools.”
Laurent D.

Frequently Asked Questions

Loukoum is a platform gathering more than 1000 sources to give you the latest news about your favourite cryptocurrencies. Those sources are a list of the official Twitter and Subreddit of the top 200 coins (updated daily) and some RSS feed that we trust. You can, at any time, disable a source to hide all the news coming from this one. Moreover, you can add your own sources if you want Loukoum to gather news from Twitter accounts that you follow or Subreddit that are helping you today.
Use Loukoum daily on your computer and your smartphone for free without limitations (unlimited columns and unlimited custom sources). Our browser extension Loukoum Light is also totally free.
There are 3 ways to use Loukoum :
- The dashboard where you can add as many customs columns as you want. You can choose from which sources the news are coming from between more than 1000 sources. Moreover, you can add your own sources by adding Twitter, Reddit or RSS feeds links when customizing a column.
- The mobile version available directly in your browser using the same link. Don't worry, your preferences are synchronized ;)
- The browser extension Loukoum Light to access in a single click to all the news about the cryptocurrency you are watching on TradingView and more than 10 marketplaces.
Well, not really. We are a cryptocurrency based news aggregator, it means we are different in two ways :
- When you login, you already have more than 1000 crypto sources available. We are also adding new sources each day so you won't have to think about adding all those sources.
- Our extension Loukoum Light is totally integrated with Trading View and the major exchanges. Without changing your habits, you can access, with a single click, the latest news.

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